Cherly Yuliana Anggraini (sering di panggil si Cherly Juno) Leader Chibi
Pekanbaru 21Juli 1991 

"Appreciate every single day of your life! Like, Laugh, Love your life!
Stop dreaming, start action. "
And THIS IS ONE ! Our Idol :D
Brigitta Cynthia (Gigi)
Jakarta 9 Juli 1993
"I was born to Dance"
Jessyca Stefani Auryn(Ryn)
Jakarta 30 januari 1993
  •                               " Be yourself, be number one. No one can be me :) me is me. Live your life and smile..."
Devi Noviaty (Devi)
Bandar Lampung 25 November 1987

"Make today better than yesterday and always thanks to GOD for all of His grace."

Margareth Angelina (Angel)
Jakarta 05 oktober 1990
  •                         " Do the best, you won't regret it!! "

Wenda Tan (Wenda)
Jakarta 29 Agustus 1989

" Don't judge the book by it's cover. Love the people who tread you right, and forget about the ones who don't. Believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it!"

Yefani Filliang (Felly)
Jakarta 21 Februari 1991
"Lakukan yang terbaik dalam segala hal, karna mengeluh itu gak akan menghasilkan apa-apa. Kerjakan bagian kita dan biarkan Tuhan melakukan bagian-Nya "
Christy Saura Noela Unu (Christy)
Jakarta 26 Desember 1990

"Smile though your heart is aching. So face this world with smile"
 Anisa Rahma(Anisa)
Bandung 12 Oktober 1990
"Catch your dream, love what you do and do what you love. :)"